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Custom LIGHTSABERS from SGO . . . Realistic, affordable and ready to bring you the most "elegant weapon, for a civilized age."


You have two Choices: Continue Overpaying up to $500 dollars for an amateur product or get an amazingly and profesionally made saber from us.


Whether you're searching for a custom lightsaber to call your own or if you are a Star Wars and SciFi fan, SGO is proud to present you custom sabers with High-End electronics, best in class materials, very affordable prices, and Realistic size (unlike those bulky under the sink pipe-like).


Hundreds of fans asked, and we listened . . . Where others over charge you for a product with chopped cables, electrical tape, hot-glue gun and asking you to disasemble a product just to change batteries potentially damaging the circuit board . . . (not right) . . . all our sabers come with Aluminum Hilt, PCB Blade, Standard charging port and BEST in Class electronics properly assembled.  You want more ? . . . Ok , here is more . . . with us, you can get an RGB saber with Flash on Clash (FOC) and multiple Sound fonts for a FRACTION of what you'd pay elsewhere.


Not enough ? . . . Here is more, All our Sabers come with a Recharge PORT so you NEVER have to open your beloved saber to exchange batteries.... and ... did we mention you can charge over standard USB port ? ... well , you can.


Want More .. okay here is another two Freebies ... all sabers come with MUTE Function and Blaster Deflection Effect.


Want even More ???  all sabers come with Smart Dimming Function to emulate glowing effect from the Plasma Blade.


Choose your hilt and Define who you are . . . budget should NEVER be an issue for the true Fans.  Get your saber NOW and weild it using your favorite Lightsaber combat style in the Star Wars universe, Martial Artist, or Dueling Enthusiast.

Lightsaber - RGB

$270.00 Regular Price
$200.00Sale Price