Combat ready sabers with High-End electronics, best in class materials and realistic size for a FRACTION of what you'd pay elsewhere.


Whether you're searching for a custom lightsaber to call your own, or if you like SciFi collectibles, we bring you "an elegant weapon, for a civilized age."


Get your saber NOW and wield it using your favorite Lightsaber combat style in the Star Wars universe, Martial Artist, or Dueling Enthusiast.


Features included in each saber:



  • Lightweight Metal Hilt
  • Synthetic Leather Finishing
  • Illuminated AV Switch (On/Off)


  • Blade can be detached from the hilt for Display or Cosplay
  • Impact Resistant polymer blade with photonic diffusor core
  • You choose the blade color (RGB) with the push of a button
  • Flash on Clash : The blade displays a flash with every impact during battle
  • Smart Dimming Function simulating Plasma glowing effect on the blade


  • Multiple Sound Fonts to choose from (Master, Knight, Dark Lord)
  • Blaster Deflection FX controlled with the push of a button
  • Mute Function :  The saber can be “ON” without sound


  • All our sabers come with BEST in Class electronics. 
  • Smart Sound Board : Realistic Sound FX responding to your movements
  • Recharge PORT :  Lightsaber recharges with a standard USB cable
  • AV Switch Smart Control : All functions are controlled with one button



Q: Do I need a Computer to operate or configure the saber ?

A: NO, just turn ON the saber and control all the functions with one single button


Q: Are Instructions included with the saber ?

A: YES,  we provide you a step by step on how to control, configure and charge your saber


Q: Is the saber “full contact” or just a collectible or Toy ?

A: The saber can be used as full contact


Q: Can two sabers be connected ?

A: YES, you can connect two sabers to make a double bladed lightsaber


Q: Can this saber be used in Martial arts competitions ?

A: YES, … ask famous martial artist “Ray Park”  (Star Wars: Darth Maul … he has done stunts with our double bladed sabers at Comic Conventions)


Lightsaber - RGB

$270.00 Regular Price
$200.00Sale Price
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